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Here is what Italy should do to support a robust recovery

EU country-specific recommendations 2015 identify nine challenges for Italy

Here is what Italy should do to support a robust recovery

Claudia Astarita


According to Bruxelles, further policy is needed to return to self-sustaining growth. This is the reason why the European Commission has decided to adopted country-specific economic policy recommendations for 2015 and 2016, suggesting what EU members should do to create jobs and stimulate growth.

After identifying the four priorities that should guide all EU countries (boosting investments, implementing structural reforms, pursuing responsible fiscal policies, and improving employment policy and social protection), the EU has highlighted nine challenges for Italy: public finances, taxation, banking and access to finance, labour market, wage-setting, services and network industries, innovation and business environment, education and skills, and administrative modernization and rule of law.

The areas in which Italy has not been asked to urgently intervene are pension and healthcare systems, housing and private debt, labour taxation and poverty and social inclusion.

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