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A real espresso coffee to be delivered in space

In November, the ISSpresso machine will join the Italian Space Agency’s Futura Mission on the International Space Station

A real espresso coffee to be delivered in space

Claudia Astarita


According to Italy magazine, "the first coffee machine to deliver real espresso in space may soon become a reality, thanks to a joint venture between Italian aerospace company Argotec and Italian coffee maker Lavazza".

Under the ISSpresso initiative, which stands for International Space Station espresso coffee initiative, a new coffee machine able to brew a delicious espresso in absence of gravity has been designed and tested. Once all engineering and safety controls on the new machine will be completed, "the ISSpresso will join the Italian Space Agency's Futura Mission on the ISS", where it will be welcomed by Samatha Cristoforetti, the first female Italian astronaut to travel to the ISS. Hopefully she is not among the few Italians who do not like (and drink) coffee.

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