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Bottega Veneta Suite and the Italian Style of luxury accommodation

An understated strategy for increasing costumers' addiction to Italian style

Bottega Veneta Suite and the Italian Style of luxury accommodation

Claudia Astarita


Italy is launching a new kind of luxury accommodation, enriching five stars hotels with glamorous detail of Italian fashion icons. The St Regis Hotel in Florence, for example, can welcome its clients in the Bottega Veneta Suite created by Thomas Maier, the house Creative Director. The Italian brand has taken care of all interior designs details, from carpets to curtains, from chairs, couches and pillows to tables and bed linen.

Thomas Maier himself clarified that the aim of this initiative is the one of increasing costumers' addiction to Italian style. For example, if after a short stay in the hotel the smell of a leather couch becomes a scent that the client misses, he or she might decide to visit a Bottega Veneta shop just to feel it again, or to bring back home something that can help them to remember that contagious fragrance forever.

In order to reach this aim it is crucial to shape a warm, friendly, comfortable and understated luxury environment; a place where the costumers can experience the positive feelings of living in a typically Italian setting, and consider the idea of recreating a corner of it at home.

The Italian fashion icon has been able to adapt to its own style based on discretion and quality to a format that has already been employed by other luxury brands. The Jaguar Suite at 51 Buckingham Gate Taj at London, for example, or the Bentley Suite at St Regis in New York, have filled "their" rooms with tons of information about their luxury cars. The Dior Suite at the Majestic Barriere in Cannes, instead, is furnished with iconic pieces and its Dior "soul" is further strengthened by portrait photos of Dior muses and brand ambassadors. On the contrary, in the Bottega Veneta Suite no brand catalogues, brochures, or notes mentioning the address of their flagship store in Florence are available, making Thomas Maier's efforts to promote Italian style even more commendable.

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