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Diacron and Bassetti join to assist Italian companies in China

IT and Accounting expertise seem to be the ideal recipe for success

Diacron and Bassetti join to assist Italian companies in China

Claudia Astarita


A new joint venture between Diacron Group and Bassetti China has been launched with the aim of providing Italian companies in China with all the necessary to boost their business. The two partners will be able to offer their skills within an exclusive package including accounting consultancy (Diacron) and IT services to manage data and documents (Bassetti China). Furthermore, targeted companies will be led by a team of experts to assist them in initial phase of their activity.

Specifically, Bassetti China launched a new product known as Teexma©. It is a software of management easy to be used in several fields, such as quality, maintenance, R&D and materials databases. On this latest innovation Stefano Mancini - Bassetti China Sales Manager - declared "it was conceived explicitly for Chinese market and it makes the documents accessible and sharable within an integrated way". If Bassetti offers the technological support, the other partner contributes with its fiscal and administrative expertise.

In particular, Diacron Group (founded in 1995 as an international society of consultancy) can guarantee a great array of services. Among them, assistance in the startup phase, where consultants advice CEOs on the most suitable business structure according to the activities the company is willing to undertake in China, benefits and national regulations. Other services offered regard fiscal consultancy - in order to have a right understanding of Chinese legislation and avoid double taxation - and accounting, to support companies in budget planning, checks and salaries management. Finally, the newly born joint venture will assist Italian companies with a service called Life Organizer. It concerns assistance in applications for fiscal residency transfers, work permits, and copyrights.

The premises seem promising an effective équipe to assist Italian companies and help them to effectively enter the Chinese market. Once again, the roles are very clear. Diacron will provide fiscal-accounting skills whereas Bassetti intervenes with the IT management system as well as recruiting and training of personnel.

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