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From fashion to refrigerators: D&G is betting of fridges

A new way to promote Sicilian culture

From fashion to refrigerators: D&G is betting of fridges

Claudia Astarita


A colourful selection of limited edition refrigerators designed to reflect the Sicilian folklore has been launched thanks to the unusual cooperation between the iconic Italian fashion label Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) and the Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg.

As explained by the Australian magazine Italianicious, Smeg's retro-style FAB28 refrigerator has been used to showcase vibrant patterns, motifs and colours, inspired by the Carretto Siciliano (Sicilian cart). To complete the project, several Sicilian artists and artisans were commissioned to hand-paint the refrigerators. Each of these artists lives and works in Sicily, many of them painting Carretti Siciliani and traditional Sicilian Puppets. No two pieces are the same, and it is fun to see all the icons of Sicilian culture on a fridge from Trinacria to lemons, from carretto wheels to medieval knights involved in battle scenes.

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