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Gradita, the new Italian Food Brand Network

Divella, Callipo, Gelateria Callipo, Coricelli and Polli are the founders

Gradita, the new Italian Food Brand Network

Claudia Astarita


"Gradita - Italian Food Traditions", is a new network of Italian food brands. Launched by five leading Italian food companies, the new experiments aim at developing new concepts for the international food market as well as to create synergies in the management of business contacts, in product design, in the opening of new foreign markets and in the organisation of trade fairs.

Its five protagonists are Divella (a producer of pasta, preserves and biscuits), Callipo (canned food and tuna), Gelateria Callipo (ice cream), Coricelli (olive oil) and Polli (pickles). All these companies believe that in today's globalized food market the idea of "small company is the best" is not always right. Their hope now is to achieve better results together.

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