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Grain Muscle, an Italian vegetable meat to be presented at Expo 2015

The Italian invention that opens new paths for a healthy and sustainable diet

Grain Muscle, an Italian vegetable meat to be presented at Expo 2015

Claudia Astarita


Instead of the Riace Bronzes, Calabria will send the "vegetal" Muscle to Expo 2015 as its landmark and regional pride.

Enzo Marascio - Italian, 64 years old from a small village in Calabria - has invented a vegetable meat-like product that can make the difference in a lot of fields. Named "Grain Muscle", this brilliant innovation, not only pleasant to the palate but also very healthy, consists of durum wheat flour mixed with lentils flour, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and several spices.

It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as for people affected by diabetes and high cholesterol. The Grain Muscle is already covered by patent and it could improve the situation either in rich countries - often characterized by excessive nutrition and obesity - and in poor ones, where resources are limited and the people are malnourished. For these reasons, Mr Marascio is willing to hand his creation to Unicaf or Fao in order to present a healthy and high nourishing food as an effective tool to fight world famine and all the problems to it related.

Everything started because of Mr Marascio's health problems and the need to finds food alternatives. Today, the Grain Muscle is considered by universities and research centres as very important for its countless potentialities in terms of nutrition properties, social relevance and accessibility. The "Muscle" production gives jobs to 18 people and many multinationals are competing to become its wholesalers and exporters abroad. All the same, Mr. Marascio's great dream is the one of contributing to improve our world, in particular to do something about the nutritional equilibrium by handing its invention to an international organization.

Other supporters of this original meat alternative are hospitals (especially the children's ones), catering colleges, restaurants but also nutritionists and families who buy the Grain Muscle straight from the production site, on line or during fairs.

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