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How Taste of Italy iStore helps Italian companies to enter the Chinese market

The Yiducity platform supports the initiative boosting Made in Italy

How Taste of Italy iStore helps Italian companies to enter the Chinese market

Claudia Astarita


Yiducity is the virtual distribution platform, belonging to the e-Commerce Chinese company Yiduqiao, which has recently activated a Taste of Italy iStore.

Thanks to the ad hoc App, from now on, every Chinese user will have the chance to purchase Made in Italy products as well as being up-to-date on the available brands, events and specials closer to him.

Moreover, Taste of Italy has opened its own distributive channel, being active in the main 166 Chinese cities. The iStore stands as an effective tool for those Italian companies, which are already in China, to extend their presence on the market.

At the same time, the connection mechanism is quite easy for the users. In fact, as explained by Yuan Wei Hong (Qiao Lab Managing Partner), the customer can by a "simple click" know more about the available products and brands closer to him, for instance in supermarkets or restaurants. Furthermore, he or she can choose whether to buy that good via e-Commerce or cross-border straight from Italy.  Yiducity has also created a Vip Club, where users can enjoy a number of advantages, such as coupons and specials.

With regard to the "Italian sounding phenomenon", it is effectively overcome thanks to the Qiao Tag live tracking system. The latter gives significant information on a number of elements, such as the production site, origin, placed it passed by, and the importers.

Yiducity stands out for its innovative capacity also for other reasons. Firstly, for the use of Videon, interactive videos allowing the customer to "See and Buy in one click!".  Secondly, for the promotion of Flyon, i.e. geolocalized flyers distributed according to the specific target detected. They also allow costumers to purchase with a simple click.

To sum up, Taste of Italy iStore in partnership with Yiducity seems to work as an essential tool for Italian companies (both in China and in Italy) to commercialize their products within the Chinese market in a fast and effective way.

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