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Italian solar panels for the Indians

From Padua to Ontario: Silfab wins a 7 million euro tender to supply photovoltaic installations to the native Canadians.

Italian solar panels for the Indians

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The Mississauga Indians of southeast Ontario in Canada will use Italian photovoltaic installations produced by Silfab Ontario Inc., a subsidiary of the Padua-based company Silfab Spa. A contract for supply and service, worth over seven million euro, has been initialed with the Alderville First Nation Reserve, a community of over a thousand native Anishnaabeg Canadians in the area of Grape Island and Eastern Lake Ontario on the Ottawa River east of Toronto, for a 5 megawatt ground installation of photovoltaic panels. The installation on the territory of the reservation, owned by the AFN since 1837, will consist of the high efficiency Silfab modules with 60 cells in monocrystalline silicon produced in Ontario, thanks to the local government's program of incentives. The partnership between Silfab and Alderville will also include a program to train local resources, and the creation of a center of excellence for promotion, development and research on photovoltaic technologies.

«We are extremely proud of this contract» Franco Traverso, chairman and managing director of Silfab spa and Silfab Ontario Inc. tells Panorama Economy. «We are convinced that the project for Alderville First Nation can extend to other native Canadian communities and we are optimistic about the opportunities for the development of photovoltaic energy in Canada».

In its Mississauga plant in Ontario, Silfab Ontario Inc., founded in 2010 and 100% owned by Silfab spa, has built a new automated production line devoted to the production of photovoltaic panels, employing about 200 people and with an investment of 11 million euros. The line will have an output of 60 Mw that, at full capacity, will become 180 Mw. The production will focus on high efficiency photovoltaic panels in mono- and poly-crystalline silicon up to 300 Wp, ideal for applications connected in networks, both on the ground and indoors. Moreover, part of the production will be on commission for other companies interested in the Canadian market.

The holding company in Padua closed 2010 with a turnover of 94 million euros, and expects to reach 200 million in 2011». After the native Canadians, Silfab is also active on the European side of the ocean: it recently stipulated an agreement with the Veneto company Espe srl to create Espe Sunparc (in which each will hold 50%) for the design and installation of large photovoltaic power plants with a high energy yield. The new company, which has its headquarters at Paviola di S. Giorgio near Padua, plans to install systems for 70 Mw in 2011 (30% abroad) with a turnover of over 100 million euros, 40 employees and related outsourcing business with about 150 workers. At the national level, the company has undertaken a program of investments for about 20 million euros in solar parks, to be built in Sardinia, Puglia and Molise, while Espe has already acquired the authorizations abroad for 15 megawatts in Romania.



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