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Italy is no longer on US intellectual property watch list

After 25 years, Italy’s commitment to IP has been recognized

Italy is no longer on US intellectual property watch list

Claudia Astarita


It is definitely a great news for Italy that the United States have decided to remove the nations for their "watch list" of countries under observation for problems regarding intellectual property. Italy has been included in this list for the last 25 years, and it has been only thanks to a substantial diplomatic work that the long expected exclusion has been achieved.

According to the people who contributed to make this achievement possible, the "adoption by AGCOM of a regulation on the protection of copyright on electronic communications networks aimed at combating digital piracy, and the enforcement activities conducted by qualified authorities" has been decisive in convincing the US about Italy's commitment to respect IP.

It has been estimated that the "removal from the watch list and the consequent recognition of the reliability of Italy's system for the protection of intellectual property will have an extremely positive impact not only in terms of image but also economically, lightening the bureaucratic burden on exports that many Italian business persons complain of, and contributing to increased trade with the United States".

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