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It’s just a matter of chemistry

It’s just a matter of chemistry

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Imagine a cabin in hi-tech plastic material, attractively designed and decorated with Oliviero Toscani's photographs, silkscreen-printed camouflage, artistic drawings and colorful graphic effects. Would it ever occur to you that it was a portable restroom? The idea of transforming the outhouse, symbol of personal intimacy, into an art form and instrument of communication is one that could only come to Tuscans, better yet if they originate in Certaldo, the Florentine municipality where in 1313 the irreverent Boccaccio was born. Sebach is the leading company in Italy for the distribution and rental of sanitation equipment. If, when we go to a concert, a parade or a festival, we can always count on clean, free public restrooms, we owe it to the Dainelli family who, after a trip to the U.S. in 1986, observed that the Americans had something in their streets that Italy lacked: chemical toilets. Their courage has been amply rewarded and now Sebach has a turnover of 37 million euro a year, with a network of over 80 concessionaires and more than a thousand rental outlets.

The restooms are entirely designed and produced in Italy by the Armal company, also located in Certaldo. A few weeks ago the company, which is now 80% owned by the French group Ylda spa, announced the birth of Sebach France, with headquarters in Mudaison, near Montpellier. It is an important success for the Managing Director, Marta Dainelli, the founders' daughter: «At this point the process of internationalization has begun» she explains to Panorama Economy «and we will proudly export a winning system». In addition to France, the Tuscan trademark will arrive soon in Switzerland, and negotiations are under way also with Romania. «Our strong point is creativity» continues Ms. Dainelli. «We tried from the outset to play on humor and minimize the serious side of the product, turning it into an advertising vehicle. The expressive potential of a service that stands in the middle of our town squares and supports public events is extraordinary».

The company has always been particularly attentive to environmental safeguards and has obtained important certifications of quality, safety and environmental compliance: Iso 9001, Ohsas 18001 and Iso 14001. And its added value does not end here. Despite a market that does not encourage the entrance of women in the labor world, 98% of Sebach's 25 employees are women.

Sara Ficocelli

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