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Made in Italy plant will light up Vilnius

Gemmo group implements a €98 million investment to renew the lighting system of the city

Made in Italy plant will light up Vilnius

Claudia Astarita


Mayor of Vilnius, the Lithuania's main city, Arturas Zuokas recently signed a new project about a new lighting system for the city proposed by Mauro Gemmo, President of Gemmo Holding Corp. The contract includes the renewal of the whole lighting system in terms of energy consumption and a program of preventive maintenance to ensure safety measures. They estimated a total expense of ?98 millions.

The project includes the establishment of a "control room" active 24/7 with a tall free number available for the citizens. Moreover, 100% of the lighting appliance, which includes more than 40 thousand spot lightening, will be substituted. In fact, currently Vilnius uses high-pressure sodium lights, which are illegal under EU regulation. The use of new lights LED will ensure a 77% cut of energy bills and also a substantial reduction in terms of environmental impact.

The work will take 18 months to be completed. Gemmo Holding won the competition announced last February by the city of Vilnius amongst the participating five international companies. This project was commissioned just a few months after Gemmo had signed a deal with the Serb government to develop a series of projects aimed at cutting energy consumption in the Country.

Gemmo Group is based in Arcugnano, Vicenza and is specialized in developing innovative projects to reduce environmental impact. In 2012, the Company reached an annual turnover of ?246 millions, with over fifteen hundred employees worldwide. It has offices distributed all over Italy: Rome, Milan, Messina and Naples. Abroad, it is located in Argentina, Chile, France, Egypt, Libya, Romania, Turkey, Eritrea, Armenia, and Nigeria.

"The project we have designed for the city of Vilnius is very much comparable, in terms of technological innovation and service to the customer, to those realized by some of the most avant-guard European cities", states Mauro Gemmo. "Gemmo Holding is ready to implement its internationalization strategy".

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