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Milan celebrates The Big Now’s 3rd birthday

An example of “afropean” successful business in the world

Milan celebrates The Big Now’s 3rd birthday

Claudia Astarita


In March 2016, the advertising agency The Big Now has celebrated its 3 years of activity in Africa. In fact, the company has its headquarters in Milan, Rome and Accra (Ghana).

The celebrative event was held in Milan and it was called Akwaaba Milano, literally "welcome to Milan" in Ghana language. It was a crossroad between European and African cultures, in its short-form "afropean".

The key words of the event were music, photography, fashion, food and creativity. A lot of outstanding characters gave their contribution, such as Nana Brenu (creative director of the brand 1981) and representatives of the creative Afro-Italian startup Manukafashion.

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