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Slow Food lands in China

Petrini’s visit for a greater cooperation between Italy and China

Slow Food lands in China

Claudia Astarita


Carlo Petrini is a well-known Italian gastronome, sociologist, writer and activist, also founder of the association Slow Food. The latter has reached today global dimensions and it aims to preserve food products biodiversity, promoting organic foods and local specialties.

As discovered by the web portal AgiChina, Slow Food is today looking at China where it hopes to create 1000 villages adopting its philosophy. For this dream to become true, Petrini acknowledges the need for a greater collaboration between Italian and Chinese companies active in the relevant sector. In particular, Petrini envisages a regular interaction between Italian and Chinese agricultural communities for the spread of best practices. Petrini has many times pointed out the necessity to work with rural Chinese communities and he is convinced that Slow Food philosophy will find a positive answer in the country.

Petrini has shown his passion for this project going to China himself this year, the first time since 2003. A lot of things have changed compared to 14 years ago and China seems very much oriented towards environmental awareness and food security. These themes would be central issues discussed during the Slow Food World Summit, which will be held in Chengdu from September 19 until October 1st, 2017. The choice of China for the Slow Food Summit was also determined by Chinese great commitment in strengthening the good environmental practices and the will to keep being part of Paris agreement. On this topic, Petrini pointed out "when Trump's administration in the US seems to be giving up its environmental commitment, China stands out as a remarkable interlocutor not only for Italy but for Europe in general".

Furthermore, according to Petrini, a greater collaboration with China will open up a new era of "environmental and ecologic responsibility".

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