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Small and medium enterprises: an Italian showcase

Who are the companies participating in the Italian Innovation Day in New York

Small and medium enterprises: an Italian showcase

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There's the biotech engineer who just had a patent published in Science. There's the American dream version of the Internet «geek», who got his start in a garage and is now a partner of Microsoft. There's the manager under 40 who persuaded giants like Magnolia and Innogest (the main national venture capitalist) to invest in his self-produced videos. 

What they all share is a talent for innovation and an irresistible desire to put themselves to the test: they are the 13 small and medium Italian enterprises featured at Italian Innovation Day on May 5. They will meet the American business community at the Metropolitan Club, in the heart of Manhattan. Their aim: fundraising, to create new opportunities for expansion abroad. But these innovators are not the only ones jostling for the attention of potential partners and backers. There will also be 12 start-ups on stage at the Metropolitan, who are also Italian and all active on the hi-tech front. They are the same ones that did their best on March 31, at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, to get the main American venture capital funds to invest in them. Successfully.


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