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Sparco, a key protagonist of Fast and Furious 7

Italian fashion makes the difference in the high-speed movie

Sparco, a key protagonist of Fast and Furious 7

Claudia Astarita


The Italian leader in motoring, sportswear and competition accessories was chosen in Hollywood to set up the cars for the 7th edition of the well-known Fast & Furious sequel. Sparco products are famous for its popular clients, such as Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and several Formula 1 pilots.

Furthermore, the Italian brand just launched a successful line of shoes for men having an appealing sporty chic style. Those who are interested is Sparco's outfits can purchase them on website, exclusively authorised until 2017 to sell online Sparco Fashion collection. Italian comfort, design and innovation were the vital elements catalysts for a sensible increase in both the company and distributor's profits.

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