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The innovative pavilion CIBUSe'ITALIA lands to Expo 2015

A new answer to empower Made in Italy exports

The innovative pavilion CIBUSe'ITALIA lands to Expo 2015

Claudia Astarita


Federalimentare - the Italian Federation of Food Industry, made up by trade associations representing the several productive compartments of Italian food sector -conceived the pavilion as a linchpin to spread the image of Italian Food Industry and of its brands of excellence. Cibus plays the role of a shopping window of the products that have tracked the history of Made in Italy, where 500 companies will tell more about the tradition, know-how, food innovation and sustainability of Italian food production.

In particular, according to Federalimentare World Food Atlas, among the most popular Italian products consumed abroad we find wine, desserts, cheese, pasta and dried and semi-dried vegetables. The buyers who strongly appreciate these goods are Europeans and North Americans primarily, but also Japanese, Canadians, Russians, Australians, Chinese, and Korean.

Luigi Scordamaglia - Federalimentare President - stressed the fact that "Italian Food Industry is the first world creator of added value to products through the transformation process" and this stands as a competitive advantage to benefit from.

Together with the companies, the Government has elaborated a strategic plan to increase exports to 50 billion Euros in 2020 and address the most important challenges Made in Italy products face on international markets. It is the first time that the whole country system -in terms of diplomatic networks, specific export-supportive organizations and competent ministries - has mobilized to launch an active output to achieve this ambitious goal.

Ultimately, further praise for the pavilion came from Carlo Calenda, vice Minister of Economic Development. He publicly showed his appreciation for CIBUSèITALIA, declaring "the pavilion is a very important venue to discuss about upcoming commercial strategies but also to give a new input to Italian food sector, the best worldwide in terms of products quality and variety". For these reasons, he also underlined the fact that Cibus perfectly fits the new governmental extraordinary plan to support national production.

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