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Two wheels for an electrifying ride

Created in Modena, tested in Assen, from 2012 it will be ready to go on the road. The eCrp is the first electric motorcycle. Noiseless but competitive.

Two wheels for an electrifying ride

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Back in the Seventies, Roberto Cevolini & C. was the producer in Modena of some of the parts of the body and engines of the red 125 Zigulì by Fiat. Ten years later the company was also supplying the Ferrari group with engines for the Testarossa Formula1 racing car.

Now the company, in its third generation, with 10 million turnover, three plants in Modena, one in North Carolina (USA), 50 employees and a research & development center in which the company invests between 10 and 20% of its turnover every year, has diversified. Still a center of excellence for the mechanical parts with which it supplies, at this point, almost all the teams of Formula1 racing, it has opened to the motorcycle market. But strictly electric.

The idea came in 2005 to Roberto Cevolini, founder of the company and father of Franco and Livia, respectively founder and director of Crp Technology, the research & development department of the company, and director of the motorcycle division. Originally, Cevolini wanted to develop an electric racecar. But the business plan turned out to be too costly. At the end of 2009, however, his friend, the British entrepreneur Azhar Hussain, founder of the Granprix Ttx Gp, told him he was interested in organizing the first Gran Prix for 100% electric motorcycles. What a shame that no one had produced any yet. Cevolini made up his mind and set the Crp Technology division in motion with its team. «Until then, electric engines had only been developed for industry or, at the most, for cars» he explains to Panorama Economy. «We had to find something small, that we could install on a motorcycle with performance similar to that of a traditional motorcycle which could be competitive and capable of running on a racetrack».

So he did. He found the engine in India at Agni. All the rest, from the frame to the brakes, to the suspensions, was developed and assembled in Modena. Result: in September 2010 the first eCrp was on the track at Assen (The Netherlands) for the European Ttx Gp, driven by the professional Alessandro Brannetti. And it won. In October, it won the European title for the Ttx Gp at Brands Hatch (England). At the finals for the Ttx Gp world championship at Albacete (Spain), however, it came in second.

In 2011 Cevolini and his team developed the 1.4 version (shown on the left). «The propulsion is totally electric» explains Livia Cevolini «maximum speed 240 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds; it weighs 160 kilos and has an autonomy of 40 km on the racetrack». They're working on a road model now in the plant in Modena, and it will be ready by the end of this year. All we know so far is that it will have an autonomy of 200 km and performance similar to a 600 HP with a battery that recharges in three hours with a normal 220W plug connected to any domestic-type outlet. «Instead of filling the tank you plug it in» says Livia. Fine, but where? «We're working on that now».


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