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Why Italy is the perfect technological partner for China

New opportunities for investment in the People’s Republic of China

Why Italy is the perfect technological partner for China

Claudia Astarita


The Chinese industrial scenario is currently characterized by overcapacity and a lack of efficiency. According to Andrea Matta, industrial engineering professor at the Jiao Tong University (Shanghai) recently interviewed by AgiChina24, Italian technology could help to fix these problems

Prof. Matta has pointed out a number of factors that work as obstacles for a well-functioning Chinese industrial sector. Firstly, the old-fashioned technological resources, which have an impact on productive systems, resulting very obsolete if compared with European ones.

Furthermore, the Italian academic stressed the lack of flexibility typical of the Chinese industrial system. In particular, they are used to large scale sales volumes and do not know how to manage small quantities or a change of product.

For these reasons, Chinese government has approved a series of industrial reforms, aimed at improving the performances of the sector, which will be implemented on a 5-years plan until 2020.

The main goals China wants to achieve concern lower production volumes and more diverse technological resources. At the same time, Prof. Matta highlights that Italy has done very well in the technological realm. In fact, it is one of the most advantaged countries, supplying technologies for the productive process and showing proficiency in creating complex products.

Despite Italy has Germany as a remarkable technological competitor, the Bundesrepublik is not interested in dealing with high complex products with low productivity. On the other hand, Italians can handle this category successfully, assuring quality. Mr Matta has therefore stressed Italian need to sell its capacity better, to promote itself as the best technological partner China could ever look for.

Finally, the Italian academic has pointed out how China is not a place where delocalize anymore. Companies should not use the Popular Republic to produce and the export to Europe. Instead, they should focus on Chinese market as a place full of opportunities. The key to succeed? Make sure you have institutional support.

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