An alternative way to promote Italian food in Asia

Store meetings organized to help Japanese retailers to better advertise Italian products

An alternative way to promote Italian food in Asia

Claudia Astarita


With the idea of facilitating the flow of informations regarding characteristics and quality of Italian food abroad, the initiative "Cibus Market Check" just approached Tokyo in order to help Japanese retailers to get familiar with Italian specialties.

A group of distinguished Italian producers such as Inalca, Parmareggio, Coppini Arte olearia, Sterilgarda Alimenti, Vicenzi Biscotti, Saviola, Unica, Veneto in un bicchiere, Go&Fun, Azienda agricola Virgona and Viva Food, met a selected group of buyers including Aeon, Isetan - Mitsukoshi, Family Mart, and Kinokuniya. Meetings between potential partners have been exceptionally organised in retailers' shops, in order to help understanding the characteristics of the Japanese food market and the way in which Italian products can be promoted there.

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