Heineken forms an alliance with the Bocconi University

Heineken forms an alliance with the Bocconi University

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Students taking the course in brand management as part of the degree program for the specialization in marketing management at the Bocconi University are eligible to participate in a training initiative with Heineken Italia. By the end of March, projects will be assigned to groups taken from the 150 students of the course.

The  students will first visit the company's plant, and will then be able to attend classroom presentations by a number of corporate managers, who will furnish the students with additional information about the brand, and the brand management skills necessary to complete the projects linked to the program. «We believed in this project immediately, because it has a high training content in the sphere of advertising and marketing, two aspect on which Heineken focuses particular attention» says Gianluca di Tondo, marketing director of Heineken Italia which has a market share of 31% in Italy.

The works will be presented at the end of May to a jury formed by the brand teams and human resources managers of Heineken. The winning team will be announced in July.

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