How France learned from Italy how to make wine

It is now broadly recognized that France was introduced to wine taste and culture by the Etruscans

How France learned from Italy how to make wine

Claudia Astarita


In the never-ending debate on whether  it was Italy to teach France how to make wine or the opposite, a new chemical proof seems confirming the first version of the story, that is that French winemaking art has been imported from Italy.

The Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory at the University Of Pennsylvania Museums of Archaeology and Anthropology has just released the data of a study in which researchers have been using chemical and archaeological tests on ancient amphoras once containing wine to understand where do they come from.

Analyzing masses of grape seeds and other remains, this group of scientists guided by Dr. Patrick McGovern made several discoveries Italy should be proud of. By at least 800 BC, the Etruscans living in central Italy had a wine industry and they were already using amphora to hold the wine. Almost two hundred years later the Etruscans started trading wine to expand their influence in the Mediterranean Sea, reaching France, and therefore introducing the country to wine taste and culture.

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