How Italy and Europe are investing in raw materials

How Europe engaged in the promotion of sectorial competitiveness, sustainable growth and employment increasing people awareness in regional raw materials market

How Italy and Europe are investing in raw materials

Claudia Astarita


At a time in which job opportunities are shrinking all over the world, especially for the youngest generations, it is remarkable to see Europe engaging in the promotion of sectorial competitiveness, sustainable growth and employment by increasing people awareness in the huge EU potential in the raw materials sector.

EU raw material interest has been advertised throughout Europe thanks to the Raw Materials University Day initiative, a communication campaign launched in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials which has successfully involved so far several universities in Italy, Germany, Spain and Greece.

The main aims of the initiatives are showing to potential students the attractiveness of the raw materials sector and highlighting career opportunities for future graduates, as well as informing them that the industries using raw materials will become increasingly innovative and green in the future, as the recent evolution of both digital and green economy demonstrate.

According to European experts, "if we want Europe to be leading in the digital revolution of this century and to keep being the greenest industry on Earth, we need targeted innovation, resource efficiency and recycling, and sustainable supply of raw materials to the European economy. [...] Key economic sectors in Europe - such as automotive, aerospace and renewable energy - are highly dependent on raw materials. These raw materials represent the life-blood of today's industry" and are fundamental for any sort of future development and innovation.

With a need for knowledgeable and skilled professionals still highly in demand, Bruxelles planned a series of events to inform students about "career opportunities in raw materials exploration, extraction, processing but also recycling and substitution, covering a number of industrial sectors, including downstream sectors working on eco-design and substitution (e.g. car, chemical, aeronautic industries)".

The next event will take place at the Politecnico di Milano on the 17th of October. All students interested in finding a new and challenging career in the raw materials sector are welcomed.

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