How Italy contributes to the fight against food waste

Doggy Bag – Eat your Leftovers, a new initiative triggering a true cultural revolution

How Italy contributes to the fight against food waste

Claudia Astarita


A huge amount of food is wasted every day everywhere in the world. For the Italian National Consortium for recovery and recycling paper and board packaging Comieco this trend is unacceptable, and this is the reason why they have decided to launch in Milan the initiative "Doggy Bag - Eat your Leftovers". In line with Comieco's mission of promoting sustainable behaviours and good practices to reduce waste, this new project aims at reducing the amount of food waste and to promote a different mind-set in restaurant owners and clients.

The project "Doggy Bag - Eat your Leftovers" has been introduced as the Italian response to the ban on food waste: the doggy bag triggers a true cultural revolution, in which all players in the food chain are involved - from chefs to restaurant teams to clients that, facing the ironical and humorous outfits of the wine and food containers, will no longer feel uncomfortable about taking home their leftovers.

With the support of Slow Food, 75 restaurants in Milan and Lombardy are already participating to the project and, starting in April, will receive a free kit of containers. However, restaurant clients play the leading role: once they have received the 'no-waste' set, they can use it again later on to take a bottle of wine to dinner with friends, and proudly flaunt their signature doggy bag.

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