Italian companies and their relationship with digitalization

How Small and Medium Enterprises should exploit social media

Italian companies and their relationship with digitalization

Claudia Astarita


Recent figures from Istat (the Italian Institute of Statistics) show that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) still represent the central pillars Italian economic system. In fact, Italian SMEs constitute 95% of total productive units.

Given that SMEs play a pivotal role in Italy, it was essential to know better the actual degree of digitalization they experience in their daily business routine. On this topic, a new study from Groupon provided a picture of the current situation in Italy.

With regard to digital marketing, the percentage of companies involved has doubled compared to 2013: from 28% to 58% in 2017. Furthermore, the number of companies not using digital tools has remarkably diminished (from 44% to 24%) accompanied by the decrease of SMEs not having a marketing strategy (from 26 to 17%).

Italian companies have stressed their conviction of the web as crucial tool determining the success of their business: 81% of Italian SMEs consider the web essential and there was a 20% raise of SMEs adopting new digital means.

Although, Italy still needs to work on the SMEs attitude towards their website. The percentage of companies without a website has remained the same in the last 4 years: 63%. This fact might be connected to the idea - common to 50% of Italian companies - that the web greatly influences the consumers in the purchase process.

Among the Italian SMEs familiar with digital tools, 81% is willing to optimize their website for mobile phones and tables while 79% consider geo-localization essential. Social networks have also started to be considered as great tools for marketing, especially Facebook. Furthermore, the online active companies acknowledge the key role played by e-commerce websites and apps devoted to online shopping.

Certainly, digitalization has a number of positive effects for companies, such as the acquisition of new clients and a significant raise of the annual turnover Italian SMEs will not want to neglect.

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