Italian secrets of la dolce vita disclosed in Australia

A 10-part series to introduce Italian culinary traditions down under

Italian secrets of la dolce vita disclosed in Australia

Claudia Astarita


Food lover Silvia Colloca is the protagonist of the Australian series Made in Italy which is introducing our culinary heritage and traditions in a way that tourist would never be able to access or discover themselves.

The show sees Silvia, the administrator of the successful blog Silvia's Cucina as well as the author of two cook books, Silvia's Cucina and Made in Italy, visit three picturesque regions of Italy, Abruzzo, Marche and Molise - to re-discover authentic cucina povera, in English peasant cuisine, and create healthy meals with local produce available in Australia. In every episode Silvia meets people living in these regions and she cooks in their kitchens, allowing viewers to experience the Italian secrets of la dolce vita from her eyes.

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