New agreement signed by Italian Culinary University and the United States

In Umbria, 14 thousand American chefs will study Italian cuisine

New agreement signed by Italian Culinary University and the United States

Claudia Astarita


The agreement was signed in Washington nearly one month ago. The two parties involved are Uds (Università dei Sapori, lit. Culinary University), a Perugia-based centre occupied with culture and education about food, and the Art Institute, a group of colleges with a total of fifty locations across Canada and the US, counting around 70 thousand students. The project involves the 14 thousand American students enrolled at the Culinary University division of the Art Institute. These young aspirant chefs will finish their education in Umbria with the important responsibility of becoming Ambassadors of Italian cuisine abroad.

This sort of agreement is the first case in Europe. Uds Perugia will offer a choice of ten courses lasting between two and three weeks that the visiting students can attend during their winter or summer break. Claudio Bisogniero, the Italian ambassador in Washington, explains that this kind of initiative is ideal for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy. In fact, it involves a strict relationship between Italian and American talents and provides an opportunity for the US to get acknowledged with Italian excellence.

The partnership constitutes a further step in the process of internationalization that Uds has undergone in recent years. Their final objective is to promote Italian culinary excellence by valuing typical products from each and every region. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, in the occasion of the signature in Washington Anna Rita Fioroni, Uds President, declared that the specific knowledge of culinary traditions and local products represents only part of the holistic experience that these students will live.

The incoming students will receive a complete highly professional education, ranging from the art and technicalities of Italian cuisine to an in-depth knowledge of the products and the process of food industry chain of production. In this way, the students will learn insights on Italian culinary tradition, which constitutes a fundamental pillar for every chef.

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