Prospera’s digital agenda

Prospera’s digital agenda

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«Now is the time to reward those projects that support the Italian economy, by ensuring their continuity». This is how Pierluigi Curcuruto, re-elected chairman of Prospera, defines his goal for the association he heads. «We have to turn the excellence around us into models» he continues «by training executives in the values of social responsibility, transparency and intellectual honesty». Prospera (acronym of Progetto Speranza - Project Hope) has over 1,000 members including managing directors, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals and educators, representing the most important Italian companies.

Its particular focus is the ITC world, in which the association is particularly active: «Prospera plans to work on its digital agenda alongside Digit@lia, and that is going to be our focus in the next two years as well, according to a program of activities that has already been signed by over 250 of the managers and professionals in the ICT sector, which employs about 95,000 people».

Among Prospera's projects is to issue an informative summary for the executives of the City of Milan on the levels of service provided by the welfare services, roadway system, childcare, urban decor, and the plan for valorizing talented women. It will also experiment with an innovative model of operation of the judicial offices at the Milan courthouse, with regard to the management of civil lawsuits, to improve the productivity of the magistrates and the quality of their decisions, with the goal of helping them to eliminate the backlog.

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