Time Elevator, a virtual jump into Rome's past

The attraction offers an amazing tour through the Ancient Rome, the Middle Age, Renaissance and Fascism

Time Elevator, a virtual jump into Rome's past

Claudia Astarita


Did you ever consider the idea of going back to the Ancient Rome...for real? Actually, you can do that in Rome thanks to "Time Elevator", an incredible multi-sensorial attraction showing 3000 years of Roman history, from Romulus and Remus up to the present day, in an exciting and fun way.

After exploring the ups and downs of the Roman Empire, tourists can be virtually catapulted to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods, and if they are keen to do that it is even possible to experience what happened during the Fascist time. All in 45 minutes.

Time Elevator is definitely an original and funny way to present a scenic trip in the major historical moments of the City and its artistic treasures to both Italians and foreigners.

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