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Milan celebrates panettone, the sweetest of its symbols

A two days fair will compare 36 among the best Italian Master Pastry Chefs

Milan celebrates panettone, the sweetest of its symbols

Nathania Zevi



Milan celebrates the sweeetest,  most popular and appreciated symbol of its tradition: panettone.

This cake is the Italian emblem of the opening of Christmas Season, marked by family gatherings and afternoons of the holiday period spent playing cards and nibbling at traditional sweets like pandoro, nougat, panforte (the typical Christmas cake from Siena) but most of all panettone.

Saturday, Nov.24 and Sunday, Nov.25, at Spazio A, former Ansaldo, in Via Bergognone 34,  the "Re Panettone" ( King Panettone) 5th edition will begin. The two-day free entrance event dedicated to tasting and entertainment  will compare 36 among the best Italian Master Pastry Chefs.

Panettone is one of the recipes from Milan that has been awarded the guarantee of Town Origin, in order to protect its production and peculiarity.

The concepts of  luxury and good food, nowadays, is tightly linked to the one of guarantee of origin and quality of its components. For this reason the most relevant  novelty of this year 's Re Panettone edition concerns ingredients. The panettone offered during the event is  not supposed to contain preservatives, emulsifiers or other food additives.

Freshness is, in fact, the characteristic par excellence of homemade food products.

While industrial companies need to provide  their products with  long shelf life, and therefore they have to make use of preservatives or emulsifiers, real homemade food producers stake their all on freshness and authenticity .

A real homemade product, therefore, will never have the same long shelf life as an industrial one, but there are many among customers that can appreciate the difference.

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