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Lady Gaga wants Venice wedding

Friends of the "Poker Face" singer report that Gaga might be looking at wedding venues in Venice soon

Lady Gaga wants Venice wedding

Nathania Zevi


by Nathania Zevi

Lady Gaga is crazy about Italy and she could get married in Venice.

Rumors are that the eccentric 26-year-old Paparazzi pop star has invited her boyfriend's (Taylor Kinney) family to her show in Italy next month after the couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

Lady Gaga will in fact be performing live in Milan on October 2nd. (Tickets can be bought at www.ticketone.it)

According to sources close to the singer, Gaga's friends are "convinced" she's looking at potential wedding venues in the European country while she's visiting.

"Lady Gaga has been talking non-stop of her passion for Venice and how romantic it is," a source explained to British newspaper The Sun.

"She is hoping to visit lots of churches with Taylor. When she does get married it will be in Italy. Some of her close friends and family are also hoping to fly over, so this could well be it."

Gaga recently wore a statement white dress - reminiscent of a wedding gown - at The Arts Club in London, where she was enjoying a night out with Rihanna and Jay-Z.

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