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A Mediterranean School as a symbol of sustainability and progress

An Italian project for a better use of natural resources

A Mediterranean School as a symbol of sustainability and progress

Claudia Astarita


The Small and Medium Enterprises International Group of Ance, an Italian builders' association, just launched a new school model: the Mediterranean School. It would be an inclusive structure, hosting children from kindergarten up to 13 years old.

Moreover, the Mediterranean School will be tailored according to the specific characteristics of the Mediterranean weather, also keeping into consideration the needs of a number of municipalities. Among them, the necessity of having more new schools, provided with technological tools, labs and curricula able to effectively train future professionals.

The building of schools will be conducted by using local sustainable materials. Moreover, bioclimatic planning will be used in order to take the best from the heat characterizing the Mediterranean area. An artistic study on lights will be also included to put in evidence shapes and colours.

Photovoltaic, thermodynamic and trigeneration energy will be used as engines of the building, reducing the consumption of electricity. The structure will be monitored h24 by automation systems to guarantee an effective functioning. Also with regard to waste, the school reveals its sustainable nature in having adopted recycling of conventional materials (plastic, glass, paper) and humid retrieve together with biogas.

Another innovative feature of the school is the set up of specific labs to make students closer to agriculture and food, with a particular focus on the top products of Made in Italy. Didactic paths will be digitalized, abandoning conventional tools, such as paper, in favour of tablets and storage cloud.

Gerardo Biancofiore  - President of the Small and Medium Enterprises International Group of Ance - portrayed the Mediterranean School as a sustainable school "an harmonious venue, characterized by the right compromise between lights, shades and colours" with a fine Italian style.

Finally, the Mediterranean School will be the symbol of "smart cities", praising technology and sustainability and progress at the same time.

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