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A new App to protect Made in Italy

The new startup Identyclick launches a smart App to fight falsification and defend Italian original brands

A new App to protect Made in Italy

Claudia Astarita


Identyclick  - a new Italian startup - has launched an innovative App "Know what you eat and drink".  It allows consumers and companies to check on the origin of the products they usually buy.

In recent years, Italian food associations and consortia have strongly supported the need to have a deeper control on food products and this App seems to answer this call. It works on Android systems (70% on the market), it has been advertised on Facebook and over 40.000 users have downloaded it.

Identyclick core business is to fight falsification and to defend the popular brands in any commodities sector.  Moreover, it offers the only service available that allows anyone, anywhere and any time to verify the originality, the provenance and the conformity of any product whose brand is included within the anti-falsification chain connected to Identyclick. All this becomes possible thanks to an intangible code, which is virtually attached to the product. Nobody knows it except the legitimate owner of the good, in most cases the company. Moreover, the items will be given have the Identyclick seal, so that they become part of the secure circuit.

Identyclick's service are also effective against a spread phenomenon known as "Italian Sounding". It consists in imitating the labels, colours, packages and even the names of original products so that the consumer gets confused. The result would be a deceiving purchase, damaging either the company owner of the brand and the buyer. New Identyclick's App prevents these situations from happening because the consumer is able to check on the item real time, through his mobile phone, wherever he is. All he needs to do is to open up the App (or go to the website and insert the name of the brand. The platform will show all the production details of the company. If the product is falsified, it will not be on the platform and Identyclick will also show its origin, which is mostly not Italian.

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