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A new partnership to sustain “excellent” Italian digital business ideas

Digital Magics, Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners join together to support Italian talents

A new partnership to sustain “excellent” Italian digital business ideas

Claudia Astarita


The biggest innovation hub concerning digital Made in Italy was launched thanks to the partnership between Digital Magics (DM), Talent Garden and Tamburi Investment Partners (TIP).

Enrico Gasperini - Digital Magic's founder and CEO - declared "Italian digital startups are a great source of talents" and they need to be supported. For this reason, the newly created partnership was conceived, that is to seek and sustain excellences in the country.

Among the other protagonists we find Talent Garden. Only three years after its foundation, it became the Italian leader of digital co-working networks. Its main aim is to foster the development of new ideas by young entrepreneurs and startuppers, within an online community having over 40,000 people. Talent Garden has campuses along the whole European territory, hosting events and training for young managers and businessmen. Moreover, thanks to the partnership with Digital Magics, 50 new spaces will be open in Europe by 2018.

The other protagonist is TIP. It stands as the most important investment bank whose main goal is to support the activity of small and medium Italian companies, representing the "top" of Made in Italy. Its bond with Digital Magics has been sealed, involving an increased participation of TIP in DM in terms of capital to be allocated in the next months. So far, TIP is a minority stakeholder having only 1,36% of DM's social capital. However, in the TIP will purchase new shares, available as a result of former associates' retreat.

To sum up, the new partnership launches a strong support by TIP to Digital Magic and Talent Garden's network, fostering additional investments supporting digital startups and scaleups. In addition, this collaboration aims at developing new programs of "open innovation" and digitalization of excellent Italian companies as well as at creating the most important innovation hub for "Digital Made in Italy". Finally, an ambitious goal the participants want to achieve is the creation of more than 100 new startups by 2018.

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