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An Italian contest to promote the value of the sharing economy

How the Italian startup Timerepublik can help you to join the French collaborative economy Festival

An Italian contest to promote the value of the sharing economy

Claudia Astarita


Timerepublik, the Italian innovative platform working as a global time bank has just launched a new initiative that may give you the chance to fly to Paris and enjoy Oui Share Fest there.

Oui Share Fest (May 20-22) is a "sharing economy festival" where topics such as collaborative consumption, open source, makers and fablabs, coworking, crowdfunding, alternative currencies and horizontal governance will be approached to highlight how they are currently transforming cities, organizations and civic action worldwide.

The Share&Win contest launched by Timerepublik aims at pushing people to embrace the potential of the sharing economy, rewarding them with the chance to join the French event. To participate, users have to simply register on the website of the Italian start up and engage in as many sharing activities as possible. All this before the 15th of May, when the name of the winner will be disclosed.

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