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An Italian platform to reconcile editorial and advertising necessities

Video Native Widget comes from the partnership between 4w Marketplace and DigitalBees

An Italian platform to reconcile editorial and advertising necessities

Claudia Astarita


The Italian ad-network 4w Marketplace, in partnership with DigitalBees -the innovative startup active in the field of quality video content management, has launched the first format of Video Native Widget.

It represents a great opportunity for both editors and ads-investors since the formers can use this format to track the increasing videos demand of their specific audience. Moreover, the can use the space through ads associated to each consultations. At the same time, the investors will have the chance to use this effective tool within the flow of active consultation of the user. In fact, the video playing window will show the user several vertical channels, selected by the publisher according to his editorial line. The user will select the video he is interested in; taking part in the definition of the dynamic order the contents will be displayed.

Video Native Widget draws its contents from a library made up of more than 120 thousands elements - constantly updated - regrouped in the following categories: Free Time, Food and Beverage, Pets, Music, Arts and Entertainment, Family and Parenting, Automotive, Tech, Sport, Health and Fitness, Animation and Horoscope.

Barbara Bontempi, DigitalBees CEO, defined Video Native Widget "a product able to combine editorial and advertisement needs", maximizing the opportunity of video advertising and guarantying excellent opportunities to the adv-investors.

Furthermore, the original invention stands as the perfect combination of 4w Marketplace reliability and quality mixed with DigitalBees technological expertise, two of the most startups supported by the Italian incubator Digital Magics.

In fact, the former is made up by excellent editors and offers advertising solutions aimed at maximizing inventory and investments on pc, tablets and smartphones. It is rather young, founded in 2008 as startup of Digital Magics incubator. By the same token, DigitalBees is specialised in managing the rights to use editorial video contents, making them usable for every platform (either web or TV) thanks to its advanced technology.

To sum up, Video Native Widget stands out as effective solution to improve effectiveness of ads and editorials at the same time.

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