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Arduino and Vodafone Italia: the new technological partnership

New hardware, software and specific services to support companies

Arduino and Vodafone Italia: the new technological partnership

Claudia Astarita


Arduino and Vodafone Italia have recently announced a relevant collaboration in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) for the implementation of business solutions. Arduino is a world leader in open-source hardware and software, active for more than 10 years in the development of IoT solutions while Vodafone Italia is one of the major telecommunication groups in the world, counting more than 522,8 million clients for mobile network and 18,8 millions for landline.

Thanks to this partnership, Arduino will enrich its cloud product range based on mobile phone technology, using Vodafone Narrowband-IoT Open Lab and Vodafone's skills in the field. Vodafone is, for its part, a leader in the IoT sector with more than 59 million objects globally connected (7,5 millions in Italy).

According to the most recent Vodafone IoT Barometer Report, the number of IoT projects on large scale has doubled over the last year. Vodafone has recently launched the technology Narrowband Internet of Things throughout Italy, taking a further step forward in the introduction of 5th generation networks and in the development of the Internet of Things. Over 61% of the companies interviewed agree on the fact there would be no digital transformation without IoT. For this reason, Arduino is committed to developing hardware, software and specific services to support companies willing to develop connected products. Arduino aims to provide modular solutions, certified and easy to use, for companies and their finished products, such as heaters, distributors, cooling systems.

Over the last year, Arduino has also introduced a new family of cards named "MKR". They are characterized by a new more compacted shape and which facilitates the use of IoT modern solutions, such as Power Management, Connectivity and Security. The new Arduino card MKR NB1500 was recently presented at the Vodafone event devoted to the Internet of Things (Milan, 30th January 2018) as an anticipation to its full release expected in April 2018.

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