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Banjo connects users to people, places and events they can't attend nor miss

With its brand new Italian version, start-up Banjo help people track and filter data from social media services

Banjo connects users to people, places and events they can't attend nor miss

Nathania Zevi


Tracking down people and events is key to social networks and their spreading.

It is in this context, that of so-called social discovery, that Banjo, born in July 2011, arrives in Italy with a brand new Italian version.

This social application, one of the most widely used in the international scene, has over 3 million users  in 190 countries today.

In an interview to This is Italy-Panorama, the founder Damien Patton explains "basically, what Banjo can do for you, is connecting you with your friends and those people interested in the same things you are, combining updates across social networks to create a single integrated service that reveals real-time social connections nearby."

"Despite the several technological devices we are provided with, it is impossible to follow everything and everybody: there are just too many socials, people and apps," Patton adds "Banjo integrates  social networks and bring them under a single application and helps you find out what is going on in your immediate area, no matter what service everybody else in the area is using."

At the present time, Banjo updates from all the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn.                         

Users can quickly navigate to any place in the world where a flurry of updates are being posted.

"For instance," Patton explains "an Italian who likes Formula 1, which took place in Texas, this week, could watch the competition  on TV, but besides this, with Banjo, he could see what was going on there, where the people there attending the event are from, what they are doing, saying, etc.etc. You could not do it so easily with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You can choose one platform, while on Banjo you can get all that in a single app. Banjo takes you to those places and events you can't attend but you can't miss."

Patton also underlines the importance of the privacy policy of the app, saying that Banjo works  hard to protect user privacy. "To us privacy is a top priority, and in this context, location is one of the most important factor to focus on. Banjo is provided with a technology able to guarantee users their information is shown only to those people they want to."

With regard to the strategic importance of an Italian version of Banjo, Patton says "Italian culture is one of the most socializing cultures in the world. When I realized how many Italians were using Banjo in the English version -  and we all know Italians are emotional and willing to share their opinions and experiences with Others - switching to the Italian version of Banjo was a natural next step."

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