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Digital Magics and Epic Launch a new Platform to Connect Startups and Investors

The New Website Offers Investors the Chance to Get in Touch with the Companies they are Interested In

Digital Magics and Epic Launch a new Platform to Connect Startups and Investors

Claudia Astarita


The Italian incubator for innovative startups Digital Magics and Epic SIM, a private investment community that has developed a new digital financing platform for medium-sized enterprises, have signed a new strategic partnership aimed at increasing the liquidity of Digital Magics' ecosystem to accelerate the development of startups and scaleups (innovative companies that are experiencing a period of growth and expansion) in view of their exit (sale) or IPO.

A new section of Epis website has been created to collect all information related to Digital Magics startups, offering potential investors the chance to revise in an autonomous and transparent way what they want to know about the company they are interested in. Beyond that, Epic provides a forum to discuss and analyse financial operations dealing directly with issuers.

Digital Magics' Founder and Ceo Enrico Gasperini considers the agreement represents a significant contribution to the development of a company interested in expanding its Digital Magics Angel Network and promoting equity transactions in their portfolio. "Every day we bring on board new entrepreneurs, business angels, venture capitalists, and companies. We are also launching a new local club of investors: after the one in Naples, other Italian cities will have their turn to create direct relationships in the territory between the business and digital worlds. For our investors Epic's platform is an innovative financial instrument that will simplify equity transactions in our digital startups, supporting their growth."

The new platform offers a new and modern investment experience to support the real economy. The Digital Magics Angel Network is a particularly promising platform. To date it has invested over ?4.7 million in digital incubator startups and scaleups. Thanks to this new partnership, both companies' networks of investors will be strengthened and the visibility of the startups they represent increased.

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