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Employerland: the innovative Italian startup connecting the job market actors

A social game dedicated to the job market

Employerland: the innovative Italian startup connecting the job market actors

Claudia Astarita


Employerland is the first social game dedicated to the job market. Users can create their avatar and enter the virtual city, hosting several multinational companies.The environment has all the characteristics of real life, i.e. users have to cope with problem solving, sharing objectives, and facing the competitors, along with several other challenges but also opportunities.

The idea came from 3 professionals in their 40s, working as consultants in human resources for many years. Their leader is Gabriele Lizzani, university teacher in "Employer Branding". The startup was founded in 2013 thanks to the economic support of Lazio Innova and of a private business angel Corrado Balotelli. In 2014, Invitalia supported Employerland with Smart&Start. It success continued in 2015, when it was selected among the 10 startups supported by Unicredit Start Lab and it also received an honour mention by Horizon 2020 for its technological innovative project.

Today, it is possible to download the app both for Apple devices and Android ones. Real companies have accepted the chance to explore talents on a digital platform and in a virtual world, well aware of the opportunity given by Employerland. In fact, as highlighted by Gabriele Lizzani, "Employerland represents a necessary evolution. The companies part of the game have taken this chance to better sponsor their brand and attract the best talents".

Among the partners companies, important names stand out as Luxottica, BNL, Procter&Gamble, Bosch, Unilever and Golden Lady, which believe in the this new mode of corporate communication. All the companies are willing to meet the "top gamers" (the candidates who get the best score through the app) for an interview.

Lastly, Lizzani has several ambitions for his project declaring "I imagine our future not only in Italy but also abroad, serving a bigger demand". For this reason they are working to get more fund and keep growing.

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