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FastInvoice awarded with National Prize for Innovation

Italy and the advantages of online invoicing

FastInvoice awarded with National Prize for Innovation

Claudia Astarita


The Central Institute of Italian Banche Popolari (ICBPI) has been awarded with the prestigious National Prize for Innovation promoted by Italian government to support innovation and creativity.

The important reward was conferred because of ICBPI's FastInvoice, the online platform for invoicing. As highlighted by Salvatore Borghese -ICBPI Payment Services Director - 100 banks today use FastInvoice for their corporate clients since it presents several advantages.

Namely, economic and financial advantages (no postal expenses, autonomous archiving); more effective logistic, operative and administrative activities (online access to invoices and better control); support to commercial relations (between clients and suppliers) and environmental benefits (no paper consumption and CO2 emissions reduction).

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