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Foorban: the new protagonist of Italian "Corporate social eating"

An innovative way to boost healthy habits and productivity

Foorban: the new protagonist of Italian "Corporate social eating"

Claudia Astarita


Corporate social eating is a new trend coming from the United States, already been consolidated in the Silicon Valley. This practise is also becoming popular in Italy, where new start-ups and hi-tech companies use it to enhance the productivity of their employees by improving their mood at the workplace. This is possible through specific spaces and structures set up by companies to make the lunch break a great moment of networking, team building and relax.

The impact of lunch among co-workers has already been investigated by a group of researchers from Cornell University. In their study published on the Harvard Business Review, the researchers highlighted how "commensality" (having meals together) works as a great social glue among co-workers, able to enhance the productivity of the employees and even to double the effectiveness of the cooperation among same-team members.

As mentioned above, many Italian young companies have adopted corporate social eating as a tool of "smart working" in order to increase the productivity of their company and provide their members with a nice environment. One of the actors standing out in this new scenario is Foorban, the first Italian digital restaurant. Foorban has become the partner of many companies which have adopted corporate social eating. Stefano Cavalieri - Foorban founder and CEO - recently declared that "20% of our business is now constituted by companies", which choose Foorban dishes as a benefit for their employees. Given Foorban convenience, "desk mates" often use it autonomously even when the company does not provide for this service.

Foorban popularity among Italian companies has grown very much over the last 12 months becoming the first Italian food delivery proposing an integrated model between food and logistics. It also allows employees to have a healthier diet and eat well even when having a very short time, having tailored its menu on the consumers' preferences, mostly concerning healthy foods such as cereals, wholegrain flours, protein and juices.

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