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Futre Office: innovative solutions for the business world

A new competition to promote startup in the areas of Security, Data analysis, BlockChain, and Artificial Intelligence

Futre Office: innovative solutions for the business world

Claudia Astarita


Security, Iot, Wearable, Data analysis, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Physical Product: here are alle the areas in which a new Italian Call for Innovation has decided to invest.

Coordinated by Digital Magics and Buffetti, the new call Future Office is aimed at boosting the development of new innovative solutions for the business world.

Interested startup are invited to submit their ideas on Future Office dedicated website before April the 9th. On May 3rd, in Rome, during the Buffetti Innovation Day, the winner will be identified among 10 pre-selected finalists and a prise of 3.000 Euro will be assigned to the best innovative project.

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