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Introducing Paybay, the Italian leader for online payments

The leader for Welfare 2.0 services is now exploring the opportunities coming from the Digital Payment Advisor system

Introducing Paybay, the Italian leader for online payments

Claudia Astarita


Italian start-ups are doing pretty well. According to data released in the "The Italian Startup Ecosystem: Who's Who" report, in 2014 the number of Italian start-ups registered a 120 per cent increase, with more than 2700 companies operative in the country at the end of the year.

With the government becoming more and more active in supporting hi-tech projects, it has become easier for digital companies to grow. According to several data and statistics, the better performing start-ups are the ones offering Smart City-related services and promoting both online payments and digital innovation in the public administration.

The case of Paybay should be mentioned among the most successful ones. Paybay is a Digital Company launched by QUI! Group, with a complete expertise in Experience Loyalty, Digital Money, Couponing e Smart City. It is considered one of the most active Italian companies in research and development in the ICT sector, with an average annual growth of 30%, a team of 60 employees (and their average age is 28 year old, only) and three Research Labs in Rome, Trento and Naples.

Thanks to its multi-channel, multi-service and market-driven platform Tytn, Paybay has emerged as a leader in providing services for Welfare 2.0, through voucher, cards, web and mobile platforms. Today, the company has decided to further extend its outreach exploring the opportunities coming from the Digital Payment Advisor system, the innovative scheme that works with mobile devices and semantic profiling technologies.

Among the advantages offered by this company, which was launched in 2007, there is the one of combining technological supply and business consulting, in a way that perfectly serves the needs of its customers, whose interests can vary from the analysis of market trends to the management of loyalty cards.

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