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Italian doctors go digital launches Agenda Dottori to improve medical service management

Italian doctors go digital

Claudia Astarita


Being digital is becoming a priority for all professions, including those related to healthcare. For this reason, - the biggest internet portal used by Italian doctors - has launched a new app to improve the communication flow between doctors and patients.

The original creation is called Agenda Dottori and it stands as the first digital agenda for both professionals and their clients. In fact, the formers will have the chance to manage their appointments directly. All this will be possible thanks to the immediate access to the digital client database, containing all the relevant information, straight from the doctors' electronic devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. In particular, specialists could confirm, edit or cancel their appointment requests with a simple click 24 hours a day. Moreover, they can insert new appointments, synchronize them with their IOS calendar and send automatic reminders to the clients.

Patients, instead, will be able to look for the best doctor in their city, by means of an ad hoc search engine. The latter collects all the significant data relating to the professionals, such as their previous studies, professional experiences and health services. Furthermore, this tool allows the patient to directly book an appointment at his best convenience, avoiding queue.

Paolo Bernini, CEO, described the new technological tool with great enthusiasm. In fact, he defined it as "a great achievement" enabling professionals to effectively manage their time within their working day, without neglecting the patients.

It is also interesting to know that the app can suggests doctors new strategies to better optimize their schedule, bearing in mind all Italian festivities. Agenda Dottori stands therefore as the best secretary not to let go. The app is freely downloadable from Play Store for all the doctors registered on the portal at this link.

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