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Italian Startup Visa, an innovative way to invest in Italy

Here is how Italy can be transformed into a global hub for international investments

Italian Startup Visa, an innovative way to invest in Italy

Claudia Astarita


The Italian government recently launched a new policy to attract innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world, encouraging them to set up innovative companies in Italy. This strategy was described as crucial foster "sustainable growth, technological development and employment, especially for young people". In particular, this attempt to transform Italy into "a global hub for international investment, talent" and innovative enterprises was also meant to "promote a new entrepreneurial culture, encouraging greater social mobility and injecting innovation into [the local] business ecosystem".

The new law is offering to potential investors "robust tax relief on seed and venture capital investments, pioneering equity crowdfunding provisions, cuts in red tape, substantial guarantees on bank loans."

Several reasons have been identified to strengthen the idea that Italy is a good location for launching a startup. Among them, the firm belief that Made in Italy can play as a key driver for the scaling-up of an innovative project; and the one that the country offers high-quality and competitive skills as well as a strong grassroots manufacturing culture.

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