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Italy launches two new startups, Centy and Eggup

New machines to transform small Euro into virtual coins and digital platform to test relational attitudes

Italy launches two new startups, Centy and Eggup

Claudia Astarita


Digital Magics Roma - fourth branch of the Italian business incubator in the territory - has recently launched two new innovative startups: Centy and Eggup.

Centy has revolutionized the management of small Euro coins, mainly 1, 2 and 5 cents. Working as smart coin-counter remotely controlled via app, Centy operates through specific machines located at airports, shopping centres and supermarkets. Thanks to Centy app, users can insert their cents in the machine, converting them into virtual coins and decide where to credit the amount. In fact, Centy users have the chance to transfer their credit to their bank accounts or to convert them into vouchers and spend on films, music or much more. The amount of money collected can also be donated to charities or converted into points for discounts and specials.

Centy is building a solid network with the main national retailers, societies of services and telecommunication in order to re-insert millions of Euros in small cuts, not only benefitting the users but also the partner companies and State Mint, saving on the mintage costs.

With regard to Eggup, it is a digital platform devoted to the analysis of soft skills. Namely, the transversal skills such as personal abilities, salient features of personalities and relational attitudes both as individuals and in team. Therefore, Eggup simplifies the recruitment procedures for companies, identifying ahead the ideal candidate, reducing the management costs and enhancing productivity.

Eggup functioning is very easy: candidates only have to fill a questionnaire on Eggup website. Then the platform will analyse the answers and it will give the results back to the company in an interactive mode, such as through graphic representations or videos. Founded in 2013, Eggup has elaborated more than 4500 reports for very significant companies, such as Randstad, Poste Italiane, TIM and Gi Group.

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