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Luxita, a new way to get in touch with Italian luxury goods

An innovative platform teaching how to appreciate the vast world behind the concept of Italian Style

Luxita, a new way to get in touch with Italian luxury goods

Claudia Astarita


"Luxita is not just your luxury online shop, it shapes your lifestyle, it is your quality consultant, the supporter of your state of mind", this are the words used by Luxita staff to introduce this interesting platform on their Facebook page.

Until some time ago, Luxita was just an Italian web retailer selling national goods ranging from food to kitchen equipment, from wines, beers and other Italian drinks to fashion clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women, stressing quality and charm beyond comfort and affordability.

As the Australian-Italian magazine Segmento recently discovered, there is an Italian mind behind this outstanding online platform that recently landed to Australia. It was indeed only in March 2014 that Laura Vinci, the 23 years-old Sicilian who originally launched Luxita, realized that Australia could be another promising market for her innovative platform.

Laura was right, and after finding a good partner in Melbourne, the Pescara-born and well-established entrepreneur Dario D'agostino, it became obvious for the new business couple that Australia could offer even more than Italy in terms of attractiveness for what is perceived as typically Italian.

Luxita has been able to innovate the way in which Italian products are sold in Australia as for the first time the country can count on an e-Bay shop devoted to that. Second, as Laura highlighted during an interview with Segmento,  what Luxita is doing in Australia is not limited to the distribution of prestigious goods, rather it is trying to make its clients aware that possession is not enough to become unique: only the ability to choose what really match your personality can make the difference.

This is the reason why, in Australia, the Luxita e-commerce store on e-Bay has been annexed to a unique e-Learnign platform helping clients to understand Italian culture and style. Borrowing  Dario D'agostino's words, Luxita does not want to teach "how to be Italian, but aspires to teach how to appreciate the vast world behind the concept of Italian Style", from food to fashion, from culture and history to contemporary daily habits. If there is a market where they can succeed, that's Australia!

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