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Talent Garden opens in Milan

Aware that only through reciprocal contamination it is possible to accelerate innovative ecosystems in Italy, Talent Garden, co-working space and hub for "talents," opens in Milan

Talent Garden opens in Milan

Nathania Zevi


Once again Milan candidates itself as leader of the Italian technological ecosystem and national capital of start ups.

Being aware that only through reciprocal contamination it is possible to accelerate innovative ecosystems in Italy, the brand Talent Garden has opened its doors in Milan.

The 3,000 square meters - four stories structure,  open 24 hours a day, encompasses an area for coworking, more than 250 workspaces for enterprises and media, 25 meeting rooms , 25 beds and several relax areas.

The new Talent Garden headquarter in Milan, in fact, wants to be a technological hub and a meeting point for young people: the core of talents and development of start ups.

Located in a central and well connected area of the city,  Talent Garden Milano is not only a coworking space, but also a place for events, meetings, workshops, conferences, training and gathering point for entrepreneurs, business developers, experts, journalists, consultants and professionals.

An ecosystem where brilliant and creative minds can help each others and compete at the same time.

A place for challenge and collaboration, for a natural and almost spontaneous contamination, with the purpose of  nourishing and encouraging entrepreneurial talent and creating an environment where new ideas can be implemented and where, on better bases, enterprises will be able to grow, develop and expand.

The spirit of this project is international, and aimed at attracting new talents, entrepreneurs, investors from all European-Mediterranean area, playing the role of physical Platform for the generation of ideas and creation of opportunities.

In this regard, a new partnership with The Junction, an incubator based in Tel Aviv, has just been established.

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