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Three Italian Start Up for Expo 2015

Algamundi, Bioside and Flowmetric Europe praised for their innovative and eco-friendly projects

Three Italian Start Up for Expo 2015

Claudia Astarita


Regione Lombardia and Unioncamere Lombardia, in partnership with the Italian Pavillion at Expo 2015, launched the initiative Start Up for Expo, specifically devoted to those companies active in technological fields connected to Expo main theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Out of 144 participants, 24 were awarded and will now take part to the "nursery of ideas" at Expo 2015. Among the winners, three companies are hosted by Alimenta Incubator (within the Padan Technological Park - PTP), namely Algamundi, Bioside and Flowmetric Europe.

Gianluca Carenzo, PTP Director, proudly commented this achievement, stressing again their core  mission of "attracting new talents and help them to create value, according to the PTP philosophy of transforming research into business". The three protagonists, winners of the competition, were all highly ranked.

Starting with Bioside, it was the 2nd out of 24. Its main innovation concerns kits of molecular diagnostic to identify pathogens in agrifood and meats. This tool - easy to use through the specific App - is useful to reduce infections in livestock, animal mortality, meat and primary production costs reduction. Moreover, this invention helps to keep high standards, products genuineness and avoid backlashes on consumers health deriving from bad quality food.

Flowmetric Europe was ranked 3rd. Its activities deal with food security, providing analytical services to improve biomedics, R&D dealing with new organic drugs and quality control. Overall, it seems fair to say that this company's activity aims at improving current technology in the field, as well as to improve products quality, security and traceability.

Finally, Algamundi positioned itself 12th out of 24. Its main idea concerns the creation of innovative micro-seaweed plantations to foster the production cycle of companies active in the agricultural and zootechnic field. It is an environment-friendly project that aims at developing new integrated bio-engineering installations producing seaweed which absorb a great amount of CO2 emissions.

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